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Atomic Layer Deposition


Highly conformal ALD Copper (I) sulfide thin film prepared on silicon wafer with high aspect ratio trench structures. (A. B. F. Martinson, et al, Appl. Phys. Lett., 94, 123107, 2008)

EMG of Platinum nanoparticles
Scanning electron micrograph of platinum nanoparticles deposited by ALD on strontium titanate nanocubes (S. T. Christensen et al, Small, 5 (6), 750–757, 2008.)

A joint initiative of the Energy Systems and Materials Science Divisions

Welcome to the homepage of the Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Research Program at Argonne National Laboratory.  The program is a joint initiative of the Materials Science and Energy Systems Divisions that combines basic and applied sciences.  We are expanding ALD into new fields and deposition platforms, and developing ALD thin film technologies  that address a wide variety of our nation’s energy challenges. In particular, we are focusing our attention on solar cells, catalysis, solid state lighting, separation membranes, and superconductivity.



October 2013

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